DevCamp - Office and Office365 in Cambridge MA

I will be at DevCamp - Office this Monday May 15, 2015. Come learn how to build apps using standard web technologies that extend the familiar Office and Office 365 experience. And since there are over 1 billion Office users there is a great opportunity in side the Office Store to reach your customers.

The agenda from the Event page:

  1. Intro to day (40 mins)

  2. Standing up the environment (40 mins) Hands on lab (40 mins)

  3. Hooking into Apps for SharePoint (40 mins) Hands on lab (40mins)

  4. Hook into Office 365 APIs via Standalone web application (40 mins) Hands on lab (40 mins)

  5. Hooking into Apps for Office (40 mins) Hands on lab (40 mins)

  6. Building native Android App (40 mins) Hands on lab (40mins)

DevCamp must-haves

Note – this is a hands-on workshop. To get the most out of your session, please don’t forget to bring your laptop. In addition:


This free event is brought to you by your local Microsoft office. Delegates are responsible, however, for booking and funding their own travel and accommodation, as required.

See you there!


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