Making Http Web Requests in Unity with CSharp

This past weekend I was able to partcipate in Hack Harvard 2016 as a mentor. Hackathon are always a great time and this year there were some really great hacks ranging from solving social media bullying to auto populating calendars to a portable translator.

I got to work with lots of great teams on lots of problems but there is one that I wanted to make sure got documented. Thanks to Moaaz Elsayed who did a create write up on How to Connect Unity to Cognitive Services and Azure Table Storage.

When using Unity to make exteranl HTTP request, there are a few nuances around how you need format the requests and Moaaz did a great job summarizing a few of the challenges he resolved over the course of the weekend. It covers how to attach an image, add request headers, and adding a json body to a post request. Many other scenarios will either be a combination or derivative of those.

Be sure to check it out at:


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