Training links for Microsoft and Azure

I often get asked how to get trained up on a given Microsoft technology. Like anything, there is a lot of info out there, so here is a consolidated list where I would get started. You can go to each resource and search for the technology you are interested in. I always start at the free tier then work up from there if I feel I need/want more.

Microsoft Virtual Academy (free)

Good for full overview of tech with both hands on and presentation style.

Channel9 (free)

Good for learning more about specific part of tech. Often more specific subtopics of a given tech.

3rd party video content (pay)

More high quality video training to supplement Channel9 and MVA

LinkedIn Learning: Pluralsight:

Professional programs (pay)

Very structured Profession role based training that gives you a credential at the end.

Microsoft Academy:

Certification Programs (pay for cert)

If your looking for Certifications the Microsoft Certification program is a good place. You can get good idea of what is covered on the exam (and there for things you should generally know/learn) from the exam prep pages.

Online/in-person Training with Microsoft Partners (pay)

If you are looking for in-person or online training with instructors you can check out the following resources:


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