Visual Studio Extensions AceJump

This week I released my first Visual Studio Extension AceJump. I was inspired by a version of AceJump build by John Lindquist for the JetBrain tools. I first saw him use AceJump in his tutorial video’s on and after installing it on JetBrains Webstorm I knew I needed to have the same functionality in Visual Studio. I searched around the plugins in Visual Studio and didn’t find anything, so I built it.

Visual Studio AceJump

As of this blog post it is a fully functional and has a few rough edges but I decided to ship it anyways. Getting software out to real users is important for the feedback loop. Besides I wanted to start using it myself because it such a cool productivity tool.

It was my first Visual Studio extension so I floundered around in the SDK a bit. It was quite the learning experience and I am not sure I did everything the ‘correct way’. I found once you get beyond displaying a purple square in the top right corner of the editor things get tougher. I have shared the AceJump Code so that you can see something a little more complex or maybe show me a better way.


It is a really simple to use:

  1. Use shortcut Ctrl + Alt + ; to display a key selector.
  2. Press any letter to highlight occurrences of that letter in the text editor.
  3. Press the new letter in the box that is over the letter you want to jump too.
  4. Your cursor jumps to that spot and you keep coding!

I hope you find this tool as useful as I did when I first used it in Webstorm. Happy Coding!


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