Helpful Cluster API commands for Devs

If you are doing development or working with Kubernetes cluster api these are some helpful tips.

Handy tools

Getting a kind management cluster kubeconfig

kind get kubeconfig --name capz-e2e > kubeconfig.e2e

Getting a Workload Cluster kubeconfig

When connected to management cluster

kubectl get clusters                        
NAME               PHASE
capz-conf-q6vvi1   Provisioned

Now download the clusters kubeconfig:

clusterctl get kubeconfig capz-conf-q6vvi1 >

Viewing the state of the cluster

clusterctl describe cluster capz-conf-q6vvi1
NAME                                                                 READY  SEVERITY  REASON                   SINCE  MESSAGE                                                                               
/capz-conf-q6vvi1                                                    True                                      2m53s                                                                                        
├─ClusterInfrastructure - AzureCluster/capz-conf-q6vvi1              True                                      6m16s                                                                                        
├─ControlPlane - KubeadmControlPlane/capz-conf-q6vvi1-control-plane  True                                      2m53s                                                                                        
│ └─Machine/capz-conf-q6vvi1-control-plane-845sj                     True                                      2m55s                                                                                        
    └─2 Machines...                                                  False  Info      WaitingForBootstrapData  3m15s  See capz-conf-q6vvi1-md-win-645fbb7c79-jhjjt, capz-conf-q6vvi1-md-win-645fbb7c79-vf44j

Using kubie

Use the kubeconfigs above to load a cluster:

kubie ctx -f kubeconfig.e2e

or if the cluster is in your default kubeconfig:

kubie ctx kind-capz

ssh’ing to capz machines

ssh’ing made easy in cluster api for azure (capz) VM’s and VMSS:

Find the machine:

kubectl get azuremachine
NAME                                 READY   STATE
capz-cluster-0-control-plane-5b5fc   true    Succeeded
capz-cluster-0-md-0-fljwt            true    Succeeded
capz-cluster-0-md-0-wbx2r            true    Succeeded

Now ssh to it:

kubectl capz ssh -am capz-cluster-0-md-0-wbx2r            

Deleting all of your dev clusters

Don’t do this in prod! :-)

kubectl delete cluster -A --all --wait=false

Add vim to Windows nodes

Sometimes you need to edit the files while developing:

iwr -useb | iex
scoop install vim

What else?

What are your favorites? What am I missing?


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