Top Podcasts for June 2015

This month I have been in transition and have not listened to the same number of podcasts as I have in the past. I have still listened to quite a few but there was one series that really stuck out to me in my listening this month. The podcast is called Startup and is the journey of a founder starting his podcasting company. I have only listened to the first season but it has been captivating.

The story telling is amazing and it was the raw, seldom heard conversations that kept me listening. If you have ever been involved in a startup or are wondering what it is like you should listen to this podcast series. The conversations he recorded gets to the heart of the startup world that we seldom hear or talk about.

This is the first podcast in the series but I would recommend checking out the whole first season at least:

I hope you enjoy this series as much as I have. If you enjoyed the podcast you might enjoy some of my past recommendations. And as always if you have any favorites you think are worth listening to let me know.


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