A Wood Stove monitoring system built using ASP.NET MVC on Azure with Eventhubs, Stream Analytics and SignalR

The problem

I live in Maine where wood stoves are plentiful. The problem I encountered was when I would get involved in my development work, I would often let the fire burn out and the house would get cold (and more importantly my wife).

In response, last year I built a prototype for a woodstove monitor, with Floyd Hilton. The real-time monitoring system allowed me to sit in my office upstairs and see the temperature of my wood stove. I was able to get reminders, and keep the house warmer for the family.

The plan

This year I want to take the system to the next level. I would like to be able to get notification through different means (email, text, application alerts…), view the data in whatever context I am in (computer, mobile phone, smart watch) and have an easily deployable solution. I will be building this system out over the next few months and would enjoy it if you came along for the ride.

There are a lot of powerful tools to enable IoT devices. The main technologies I will be using are:

I am going to be trying out new types of deployment and hosting options. I will also be trying out the new design craze called [Microservices] (http://martinfowler.com/articles/microservices.html). I will be documenting my progress, success and failures so please be patient and understanding.

Check out the code repository at https://github.com/jsturtevant/woodstove.


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