Azure Stream Analytics not processing data from Event Hubs to storage

The issue I ran into with Azure Stream Analytics is a little bit embarrassing but I think we have all been there before. You know the story… it is late, you have that due date tomorrow and you can’t figure out why it is not working. At least not until you start to explain it to someone else.

As I was doing the initial set up for Stream Analytics for my woodstove project I found that I was able to send data to Event Hubs but it was not being processed by the Stream Analytics job. A couple hours later, after checking to make sure all my code was correct and the Stream Analytics tests passed, I found the issue: I did not start the Stream Analytics Job. All that was need was to press the start button at the bottom of the job: Start Stream Analytics Job

I know it happens to all of us but hopefully this will short circuit your debugging process and get you on to developing awesome applications with Azure Stream Analytics.


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